Etiquette and Character Development Workshops - Nov/Dec 2018



We have a series of fun and enriching Etiquette, Character Education and Personal Development Holiday Workshops line up for your children and youths in November/December 2018 school vacations. 


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Cool Character Workshop (*Closed For Registration)

Want to be a Cool Kind Kid? Join us in our proprietary Character Education program specially designed for the young ones. In this workshop, children are shared on the core character traits and values including Honesty, Responsibility, Respect and more. These life skills are key contributors to the success of every child's future. 


Join in the workshop today and be a Cool Kind Kid.


Date: 24 November 2018


Time: 0900hrs to 1200hrs


Venue: Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

             96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967 


Age: 5 to 10 years old


Inclusive: Course Materials

                  Certificate of Attendance

                  Light Refreshments


Elegant Etiquette Workshop (*Closed For Registration)    

One of our most well-received workshop is back this December. In this workshop, children get to learn about the fundamentals of good manners, how to make a positive first impression, personal grooming and deportment, good table manners and dining etiquette and more.  


This workshop is conducted in an interactive manner through videos, live demonstrations, role play and hands-on activities. 


Date: 01 December 2018


Time: 0900hrs to 1200hrs 


Venue: Toa Payoh HDB Hub


Age: 5 to 10 years old


Inclusive: Course Materials

                  Certificate of Attendance

                  Light Refreshments


Charactiquette Boot Camp (*Closed For Registration)

What is "Charactiquette"? It simply means Good Character and Great Etiquette. In this uniquely designed boot camp, learners are provided with the opportunity to master good social skills and character values in an enjoyable and lively manner. Besides learning how to form positive first impressions, children are also shared on the knowledge of good dining etiquette, personal grooming, effective communication skills, important character traits and values such as integrity, gratefulness, self-control and more.


The boot camp is conducted in an interactive manner through games, videos, role play and live demonstrations. 


Date: 06 December 2018


Time: 1000hrs to 1600hrs


Venue: Singapore Council of Women's Organisations

              96 Waterloo Street Singapore 187967


Age: 7 to 12 years old


Inclusive: Course Materials

                  Certificate of Attendance

                  Lunch and Light Refreshments

Appetizing Etiquette Workshop (*Closed For Registration)

Is your child a table monster or simply unable to complete a meal elegantly? Does he/she know the right way to hold a fork and knife and how best to behave at the dining table? Join us in this December holiday on a lunch date where your child gets to experience and learn all about good table manners and the essential dining etiquette in our hands-on practical Appetizing Etiquette Session. 


Meals will be served during the workshop. All participants will receive a set of specially designed cutlery for FREE.


Date: 07 December 2018


Time: 1130hrs to 1330hrs 


Age: 7 to 12 years old


Inclusive: 3-Course Meal

                  Certificate of Attendance



Ace Your Interview Workshop (*Full)

Youths today encounter many opportunities to position themselves in front of panels of interviewers when they apply for DSA or a new job opportunity. How do we ensure they are confident and tasks with the best skills to ace their interviews? In this workshop, our youths are shared on how to groom and dress themselves well for an interview, how to present themselves positively in front of the interviewers, how to draw out an outstanding cover letter and curriculum vitae and most importantly, how to impress the interviewers and stand out during the interview sessions. 


Date: 10 December 2018


Time: 0930hrs to 1200hrs 


Age: 13 to 16 years old


Inclusive: Course Materials

                  Certificate of Attendance

                  Light Refreshments


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