Teenagers, the transition stage to adulthood, place much emphasis on self-esteem, confidence and self-image. Under our specially customized program, participants are not only demonstrated with the basic principles of social etiquette, but also impart with real-life examples of the etiquette skills required to socialise and carry themselves well within and outside of their social circles.


Our teens will learn about:

  • i.Introduction to Basic Manners
  • ii.Respect and Self-Respect
  • iii.Introductions and Greetings
  • iv.Good Handshakes
  • v.Dining Etiquette
  • vi.Deportment
  • vii.First Impression
  • viii.Confidence
  • ix.Attentive Listening
  • x.Communications and Body Language
  • xiManners in Schools and Public Places
  • xii.  Basic Grooming
  • xiii.  Image - Style and Dress Sense
  • xiv.  Phone Manners
  • xv.  Netiquette
  • xvi.  Social Media
  • xvii.  Public Speaking
  • xviii.  Interviews

and more.