Character is the inward values, habits, behaviours and attitudes an individual exhibits when no one is watching. It includes one's desire to perform at optimum, to show concerns for the well-being of others, to develop both inter- and intra- personal skills that allow individuals the capability to work effectively with one another under all circumstances, and blends both the elements of critical thinking and moral reasoning when making any decisions.


Having good characters will yield positive results and desired outcome. On the other hand, lack of character such as disrespect, cheating, bullying will hinder the development of the young minds and their achievements in school.


Good character education forms the foundation for children to reach their academic achievements. When children feel engaged, respected and safe, they show the ability to focus on both their academic as well as non-academic goals. Our well-fomulated character development programs are not just about teaching children to be good and well-behaved. It teaches them to be always in their best.