Etiquette spells the blueprint for the acceptable behaviours in every situations. Character is a trait which one was not born with, and must take responsibility for forming. Good etiquette and character development are important life skills which enhance the personal, social and emotional development of our next generation. Good etiquette and character education start from young. A child with good etiquette and positive self-esteem will naturally grow up to become a confident and respectable adult with strong social and communication skills. Having good social etiquette and character traits allows the child to get along well with others, which is vital to his future success. The child will perform better in life if he is well-liked by others and people find him pleasureable to be with.


At Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy, we provide a whole suite of enriching etiquette, character education and personal development programs to meet with the growing needs of our young to ensure everyone has the opportunity to progress and become the ambassador of positive social etiquette and character building in our family, social groups and our country.


School Partnerships

In Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy, we believe in providing enriching etiquette, personal development and character building programs by having close partnerships with the educational institutions in Singapore. Childcare centres and kindergartens island-wide provide great learning and development opportunities for pre-schoolers. The various educational institutes at the primary, secondary and college levels provide good grounds for academic learning and social development through Art, Music, Sports, etc. Together in an amicable partnership between Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy and these educational institutions, we are able to promote a holistic development for every individual.



Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy organizes workshops catering to children and teens of various age groups. There are also a variety of different programs customized to suit the preferences and needs of the individuals. All workshops are kept to a small group to ensure the personalized attention to every participant. The customization of the different workshops also allow for greater flexibility and engagement with the participants.


For more information on the programs, please refer to Course Curriculum